A Great Wave Away

Welcome to my travel blog! The reason why I created this blog was to write about my experiences and travels while I interned in Japan for 6 weeks. I will be working with Second Harvest. Their mission statement is mentioned below:

Second Harvest Japan aims to create a Food Safety Net in Japan. In order to do so, we deliver food to children’s homes, single-mother shelters, centers for the disabled as well as many other welfare organizations and individuals in need.


second harvest
This is a logo they use on their website depicting who and how they distribute food. 

During my stay, I will be living with the Kayashima family, who lives in Funabashi, Tokyo.


funabashi city
Funabashi City is a suburb that is on the outskirts of Tokyo. It will take me up to 50 minutes to commute to my internship!

I will be immersing myself in Japanese culture and learn their customs, along with exchanging my own. I hope you enjoy my blog!